Update on former FOX 7 anchor Loriana Hernandez

Loriana Hernandez diagnosed with cancer

Former FOX 7 anchor Loriana Hernandez is currently battling leukemia at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Loriana's sister Lisa donated her bone marrow for Loriana's transplant. Loriana underwent that transplant on October 29.

Doctors say the first 100 days after a bone marrow transplant are the most critical.

So Loriana is asking her friends and fans to take part in a 100 day challenge with her by eating healthy and exercising.

She's calling it the 'Armor Up' campaign and she hopes her story will help others lead healthier lifestyles and be prepared to fight in case of a cancer diagnosis.

Everyone at FOX 7 is sending their well wishes.

Learn more about Loriana's 'Armor Up' campaign at its Facebook page and go here if you'd like to donate to help.

You can also check out Loriana's own Facebook page to follow how she's doing and learn more at her Clean Eating Clean living website.

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