Posted: Mar 21, 2017 10:00PM CDT


Quintuplets Spelling Bee

It has been nearly a decade since we introduced you to quintuplets in Cedar Park.

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  • In his speech to the nation Monday night, president trump said the days of nation building are over.

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  • President Trump will deliver an address in Phoenix, Arizona Tuesday evening where he is expected to reiterate his commitment to immigration reform.
  • A Creighton University student from Rosemount, Minnesota was killed in a four-vehicle crash near Omaha, Nebraska Monday while on her way to see the total solar eclipse with three other students.
  • "Right now it is a little bit of a hazard not only for some with disabilities but those that are able-bodied.  We want to make sure that the trees are healthy, that it is safe and well-lit," said Michele Van Hyfte, Vice President of Economic Developm
  • Scott Fisher has your Tuesday weather forecast!
  • After being separated into two campuses when theirs was found structurally unsafe the students of T.A. Brown Elementary are back together again. And Tuesday they got a special visit from AISD’s superintendent.
  • A monument to Confederate soldiers, on the south end of the courthouse Square in Georgetown, has stood for 101 years. Tuesday a group went before Williamson County Commissions and said it was time for the monument to go.