Blue Star Mothers provide support for military families


Blue Star Mothers is a service organization that started during World War II and with the country at war over the last decade the group is doing what it's always done, serve and support military families.

A group of Williamson County moms gathered at the military cemetery in Killeen to visit a soldier who's buried there. It was Kevin Hardin's 27th birthday and his mother couldn't be here, she's in Pennsylvania. So she asked the Wilco Blue Star Mothers to come in her place.

"It's heartwarming to be out here and put another mother at peace...that he was being taken care of on his birthday. But it's also very sad that a mother is going thru the loss of her child," said Cathy Bustos, a Marine mom.

The name Blue Star Mothers comes from the service flag. One blue star stands for one family member in the military.

Kevin Hardin's mom is a gold star mom, if the service member has died in service the star is gold, not blue. It's a bitter sweet sorority.

"We're all in much different phases from boot camp to their children retired. We're a resource of information, comfort for each other and to answer a call like today. This is what we do. We're here for each other," said Terri Manazir, Vice President of Blue Star moms.

The Williamson County Chapter started in July 2011. They meet once a month, in addition to trips like this.

"All these boys and girls are our sons and daughters, it warms our heart. It's important to let other mother know that we're here," said Manazir.

A trip to the cemetery in Killeen for a gold star mother is just one of countless things they do. Primarily the Wilco moms provide emotional support, of course there's volunteer work, but the main mission is friendship, gratitude and love from one mom to another.

"It's a support system. We all go thru the same things. We sent our kids off to the military. Some come home and some don't and we just try to support each other with the life only we can understand," said Manazir.

Wilco Blue Star Mothers started with five members. Now they number 50.

For more information about the Williamson County Blue Star Mothers click here.

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