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The public is getting a first hand look at how the Travis County District Attorney acted the night she was arrested for DWI last Friday.

Rosemary Lehmberg showed a range of emotions in the Travis County Jail.

From playful, swaying side to side, seemingly trying to avoid the deputy's camera, to anger.

Here's an excerpt from her conversation with the judge who read Lehmberg her rights.

Rosemary:" I asked them an hour ago to give me my phone so I can call someone. Give me my phone, give me my purse, do something."

Judge: "They're not going to give you your cell phone in here but you will have an opportunity to..."

Rosemary: "They have not even offered to call anybody for me. I would do that for an indigent person and I am district attorney and no know has done anything for me."

Lehmberg was arrested for DWI April 12th after Mark Weston says he saw her driving erratically and called 911.

He says she was swerving in and out of the bike lane on FM 620.

Once in custody, Lehmberg was not cooperative and even combative at times, which led deputies to restrain her in a chair and in chains.

Several times, she demanded her cell phone and for deputies to call Travis County Sheriff, Greg Hamilton.

Rosemary:" I need to call a lawyer, ok? Ok. How about that? Give me my cell phone."

Deputy: "You don't get your cell phone."

Rosemary: "Oh no, no, you're not getting....what is with ya'll? Do you know what you're doing?"

Deputy: "Yes ma'am. We've asked you plenty of times to stop kicking the door and you didn't stop kicking the door." Rosemary: "You don't understand! Ya'll have me handcuffed, I'm not drunk. What is with ya'll? Did you call Greg and let him know you have the DA in custody? Did you?"

She also repeatedly interrupted the judge.

Rosemary: "You're a judge, I'm the district attorney, so you just listen to me."

Judge: "No, what I want to do, right now what I'm going to do is tell you this for your protection because right now I've already determined probable cause and before you say anything else."

Rosemary: "You determined it without my input."

Judge: "Before you say anything else, I need to let you know what your rights are."

Rosemary: "I know what my rights are."

Judge: "Well I need to tell you again cause I don't want you to communicate..."

Lehmberg started serving her 45 day jail sentence Friday.

The punishment comes after her blood alcohol level came back .23, nearly three times the legal limit.

She also has to pay a $4000 fine, and her license will be suspended for 180 days when she gets out of jail.

Lehmberg has said several times she has no plans to resign.

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