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California Science Center mourns death of John Glenn

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  • Olga Ospina reports.

    California Science Center mourns death of John Glenn

  • Glenn became a national hero in 1962 when he became the first American to orbit the Earth.

    Former astronaut and US Senator John Glenn dies at age 95

  • It is the seasons of giving and one local high school senior is on a mission to help other during the holidays.

    Make a Wish light display

  • A Travis County Grand Jury has cleared an Austin police officer for a public intoxication arrest he made during SXSW.

    No charges against APD officer


    Fire department decks their truck

  • A chain reaction of destruction, killing three and causing several injuries.

    Three dead in I-96 chain reaction pile-up

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GOES-R weather satellite launch

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  • GOES-R weather satellite launch

  • Texas vs. West Virginia

  • Photo courtesy Chris Combs.

    2016 Veterans Day Parade Highlights

  • Photos With Fish! Texas vs. Baylor 10/29/16

  • Photos With Fish Texas vs Iowa State 10-15-16

  • Photos With Fish: Texas vs. UTEP, 9/10/16

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