FOX 7 Unplugged: JB Boone

J.B. Boone makes all sorts of noises, very few of which anyone wants to listen to. His music, he hopes, is the exception. 

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, J.B. graduated from Texas A&M University. His musical career didn’t really begin until he joined a punk rock cover band in college, called “My Chemical Bromance.” Playing live music at shows around College Station, TX, sparked his interest in writing songs, and when the opportunity came to move to Los Angeles and record an album, he jumped at it. 

When J.B. listens to music, he feels it in his bones, and there’s a reason for that. He comes from a family of talented musicians, including a father whom few can out-play on guitar or out-pick on banjo. Without the support of his family, he would never have picked up a guitar, and he is forever thankful for that.

His debut album, “Severe Adventures,” features five songs which he recorded with an incredibly talented Producer, Sam Sobo, while sleeping on his sister Nina's couch in Los Angeles. His musical journey relies on the support of his incredible friends, family, and anyone else who shares his songs with the world. 

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