Austin based company unveils new electric vehicle model

An Austin based company is hoping to change the way we get around with its new 100% electric vehicle.

AEV Technologies unveiled its three wheeled AEV 311 at the Circuit of the Americas on Nov. 13. It's a street legal vehicle that can go up to 50 miles for a 50 mile range.

The company says it believes the 311 is a game changer with nothing else like it in the market and that it is good for both business and every day use.

"It's got applications for restaurants that want to reduce their operating expense and their emissions as percent of revenue from restaurants move from brick and mortar to home delivery but its also got applications in retirement communities or urban dwellers," says AEV Technologies CEO Rod Keller.

The vehicle starts at less than $10,000 and final assembly of the vehicles is in Round Rock. The company says it's shipped about 2,000 so far.

For more information about the 311 and the company's other vehicles you can go to the AEV Technologies website.