Homes for our Troops builds new home for Texas veteran

Sgt. David Guzman and his family will move from Mission, Texas to a new home, built by Homes for our Troops, in Wimberly. Once completed the house, will be more accessible, for Guzman, the career veteran who joined the army in 1989.

FOX 7 Care Force: The story behind Black Hawk Down

Last month was the 26th anniversary of the battle of Mogadishu in Somalia in 1993. The battle was immortalized in a 1999 book and a 2001 film and was the first time Americans were in sustained combat since Vietnam. FOX 7 Austin's Mike Warren spoke to one Austin man who knows the story first hand.

Fox 7 Care Force: AVA Fest

Using visual art, photography, sculpture, theater, poetry, dance, music, culinary arts, etc; this festival will gather veterans and their community's across the nation.