Arizona gun store's 'Beto Special' sells out in four hours

An Arizona gun store turned Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke's bold calls for gun confiscation into a frenzy of sales, as its owner told "Fox & Friends First" Thursday that the "Beto Special" for AR-15s and other rifles sold out in four hours.

FOX 7 Discussion: Homeless camping restrictions

Criminal justice reform advocate Chris Harris and Travis County GOP chairman Matt Mackowiak join Marcel Clarke to discuss the Austin City Council's new proposal for the camping ordinances.

FOX 7 Discussion: Austin homeless policy

Travis County GOP executive director Brian Ruddle and Glenn Smith from Progress Texas join Mike Warren to discuss the controversial changes the Austin city council made to homeless camping ordinances in June.

Pflugerville councilman raised by Haitian immigrants weighs in on President's remarks

President Trump is facing international outrage after he reportedly made remarks during a White House meeting stating he’s prefer immigrants from Norway and calling the nations immigrants from Haiti and Africa come from s***holes. Trumps staff denies the claim but Democratic senator Dick Durbin who was present during the meeting said otherwise.

FOX 7 Discussion: Joe Biden on defensive after debates

Democrats don’t seem ready to move past arguing about Joe Biden’s lengthy political record, particularly on civil rights, after the first round of presidential debates showed the fragile nature of being perceived as an early front-runner in the 2020 race.

FOX 7 Discussion: Trump and Hispanic voters

President Donald Trump made a pocketbook appeal for reelection in the Democratic-leaning state of New Mexico on Monday, telling voters that his energy policies have made the state wealthier and warning that the gains could disappear if the proposal known as the Green New Deal takes effect.