Texas Senate election: Cruz vs. Allred

During a week when Pres. Biden sought to handle the crisis at the southern border, we focus on the coming battle in Texas for a U.S. Senate seat, and two issues both divisive and critical to the upcoming election.

The new leader of the Texas Republican Party

The Texas Republican Party has chosen a new leader, who says there's room for neither cooperation nor compromise when it comes to dealing with Democrats. FOX's Steven Dial has the interview.

One-on-one with Donald Trump

Could Ken Paxton actually become America's "top cop" if Donald Trump regains the White House? That's just one of the questions we ask the former president in this Texas: The Issue Is.

UT faculty pushes back against DEI purge

Since January, when SB 17 took effect, colleges across Texas have shut down diversity, equity and inclusion programs. FOX 7's Rudy Koski spoke to UT faculty about why they believe DEI should remain.