19-year-old admits to the murder of a woman over the weekend in Austin

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A 19-year-old Honduran man has confessed to killing a woman in Austin over the weekend.

Austin police said he stabbed his victim in his car on Saturday morning.

Edgar Vega Rubi is being charged with murder for the death of 52-year-old Cheryl Murray. APD said video at a nearby intersection helped them track down Rubi.

Saturday Morning, APD arrived at a parking lot off East 52nd street after getting a call over a woman lying on the ground.

"They found the decedent, Cheryl Murray, who had received obvious trauma to her body," said Eric De Los Santos with the APD homicide unit.

She was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy revealed Murray was stabbed to death.

Nearby video managed to shed some light on what happened.

Police said the video showed Murray walk up to 19-year-old Honduran, Edgar Vega Rubi’s, car and get in.

"They were strangers to each other prior to this meeting. We believe an illegal transaction was occurring at that time,” said De Los Santos.

When asked what kind, De Los Santos said Prostitution. The car then began heading east and after about 20 minutes the same car was spotted again.

"The video shows the same vehicle going west bound on east 52nd with its lights off," said De Los Santos.

It's during this gap police believe the murder took place. De Los Santos said Rubi's distinct paint job was key in finding him, "Fortunately we were able to locate a vehicle that appeared to be identical to the one scene in the video."

The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force was called in and they began tracking Rubi as he pulled out of a nearby apartment complex.

"He was subsequently pulled over in traffic stop and brought here to the homicide unit where detectives questioned him," said De Los Santos.

It's at this time, De Los Santos said Rubi admitted to the murder of Cheryl Murray.

"From that information he provided we were able to recover some of Murray’s property as well as the murder weapon," said De Los Santos.

Rubi is being charged with murder and was taken to the Travis county jail.

De Los Santos said the two got in an argument when Rubi pulled into the parking lot which led to him stabbing Murray and leaving her at the scene.