APD searching for two men in connection to two violent dog attacks

Two violent dog attacks have Austin police on the hunt for two fugitives.

APD issued warrants for those two men. As of Wednesday night neither has turned themselves in to the Travis County jail. They're being charged because of what their dogs did to two innocent people

Police say a pit bull ripped a man's ear off at a bus stop on Cameron Road. It happened in early September, the dog was tethered to this trash can with its owner almost thirty feet away. Court records show the dog got loose and lunged at the man who was sitting nearby leaving a bloody mess. The victim tried to use a payphone but he told police it didn't work and there was no one around to help him

After the attack he got on the bus but the driver told him he had such serious injuries that he needed medical attention. They called 911 and he was taken to a nearby hospital

When police got to UMC Brackenridge, the victim gave them a description. The man has been identified as 55-year-old Ronald David Lynn, a known transient in the area, he has since disappeared.

Just two days later also in east Austin. Another pitbull mauled a cyclist heading north on Cameron Road. Court records in that case show when police arrived they saw a man standing over the dog swinging a belt at the victim helpless on the ground. The dog and its owner took off. The victim would later lose his thumb.

The victim told police he was headed to a McDonald's restaurant when he was attacked. He said the dog and its owner Salvador Estrada were standing nearby. When police caught up to Estrada he told them a very different story.

Authorities say he told them the dog escaped from the backyard gate at his home on Gunter Street just a few blocks from where the attack happened. Police found the dog inside. By law animal control took the pit bull away. It was euthanized in late September

Both of these men will have to post $6,000 bonds if or when they surrender. Both men are charged with third degree felonies. That carries up to ten years in prison and or up to a ten thousand dollar fine.