Austin one of the best places to live?

When it comes to the best places to live, Austin has just been named second.

It's not a surprise when the Capitol city is well known for many things. But, with good comes bad.

With so many moving to Austin everyday, current residents are dealing with horrible traffic and skyrocketing housing prices.

From live music, to outdoor activities, festivals and our nightlife - that's why Austin was ranked 2nd in "Best Places to Live" by U.S. News and World Report. 
What's not to love?

"I agree, it's a phenomenal place to live but that's if you don't ever have to get on the highway," says Scott Cook, Austinite.
That's why Scott Cook just traded in his car for a bike.

"For the soul purpose of being able to navigate through this a little bit better."

According to TxDOT, I35 between US290 N to SH71 is the most congested roadway in Texas.
Data indicates that for a 30 minute trip in traffic, 75 minutes should be planned.
Also on the list was I35 from SH71 to Slaughter Lane.
Besides traffic congestion, housing prices in Austin are skyrocketing.

"It's a steeper price to live in the city for sure."

The Austin Board of REALTORS say right now the average price for a single-family home is $322-thousand.
Looking back five years ago, it was $248-thousand.
There's also a lack of land.

"New home starts are going to be around 12,000 or 13,000 this year but when you look at the number of people coming in, it's really not a lot. There's just a lack of shovel-ready available lots on the ground for builders to come in and build on, where people want to be," says Aaaron Farmer, Austin Board of REALTORS, president.

The Austin Chamber of Commerce says we are getting about 158 new residents every day.
Out of that, about 106 are coming in from out-of-state.
More than ever, they are being dispersed throughout the region, to places like Cedar Park, Round Rock and Kyle.
So what is driving this growth?

"It is a compilation of low crime rates, good schools, great quality of life, job opportunities and we have all that. We still have this vibrant economy around us," says Charisse Bodisch, Austin Chamber of Commerce, senior vice president of economic development.

Since Opportunity Austin was started in 2004, around 400 new companies have relocated here.
It has yielded about 300-thousand new jobs.
Samuel Diaz was born and raised in Austin

"Condos have been coming up and office spaces. I feel like it's kind of messing with that 'Live Music Capital of the World' dynamic," says Samuel Diaz, Austinite.

He doesn't mind the growth as long as it doesn't change the city he knows and loves.

"Recognizing those issues and then putting plans in place so we can continue to grow, since we know we're going to grow, that's the important thing," says Bodisch.

A study by RoadSnacks was also just released, showing the worst neighborhoods to live in the Austin area.
Here are the top 5 on the list:
1) Martin Luther King-Hwy 183
2) Johnston Terrace
3) Montopolis
4) Mlk
5) Georgian Acres

Some of the criteria for that list includes high crime rates, low median income and low home values.