Austin police surprise single mother with child care items

Thursday, Austin police surprised a single mother with some much needed supplies. Officers said after responding to a call at Ashley Foxworth's apartment, they felt compelled to provide a little extra help. 

“We just noticed she could use a hand with some things that were missing inside the apartment that are essential for taking care of children,” said Austin police officer Francisco Jimenez.  

The realization that the single mother of four could use a little help started weeks ago with a 911 call. 

“I've been going through a lot for a little over a year now, and, that day, it all came to a head and I had my children with me, and I just wanted to call somebody. I wanted to talk to somebody,” said Foxworth.  

Officer Jimenez and Officer Smith did much more than listen. “Officer Smith immediately took it upon himself to start going along inside the apartment inventorying all baby care items. He started counting formula, diapers, wipes and everything, saw that she was low on supplies and he said, ‘I'll be back,’” Jimenez said.  

After a quick trip to H-E-B, Smith returned with a trunk full of child care supplies. “I come from nothing. Me and my kids were homeless for a while and we're still building, and for people to help, to have that big of a heart, it means a lot to me,” said Foxworth. 

The officers knew Foxworth had a lot on her plate. “Ashley has four young children and she is working, she is going to school, she has a full-time job and she's taking care of them and doing it day and night all by herself,” Jimenez said.  

That’s why Jimenez and Smith rallied the community to collect furniture, books and stuffed animals for the family. “Everybody had a hand in trying to do the best that they could to change her situation and just make it a little bit better,” said Jimenez.  

This time, it was Officer Jimenez who carried the load. “You are protecting and you are serving and you're continuing to serve the community, and I'm very grateful, I'm very grateful. Thank you,” Foxworth told the officers.  

It was a reminder to Ashley that even on the most difficult days, hope is never too far away. 

“It makes me realize how beautiful humans are and how beautiful people can be and how people's souls are not as dark as I thought it was,” said Foxworth. 

APD is still gathering donations to help Ashley with additional items. Officer Bino Cadenas created a GoFundMe account that he said he will use to purchase supplies to deliver to Foxworth.



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