Austin toy shops thriving in post-Toys 'R' Us world

Terra Toys has been an Austin institution for 40 years.

Through those doors you'll find "timeless, classic" playthings.

"Like a spinning top, a bouncy ball, paddle ball, Yoyo, those types of toys are what we really specialize in," said Terry Toys General Manager Sylvia Edwards.

Much like the demise of local video stores when Blockbuster took over the country, local shops like "Terra Toys" and "Toy Joy" have weathered through decades of "Toys 'R' Us" dominance.  But now Toys 'R' Us and Blockbuster are dust in the wind.

"July 9th was when their doors I think finally closed and we noticed an uptick in sales July 10th," Edwards said.

Marina Lentz was picking up some stocking stuffers at Terra Toys Monday morning.

"Just being able to feel things...I got this for my daughter's stocking and one of the people helped me find it and it was just so sweet and you're not going to get that at Target or on Amazon so it makes me nostalgic a little bit for the toy store that I grew up with," Lentz said.  

With online shopping, the days of waiting in long lines for Cabbage Patch Kids and other hot toys of the year is probably a thing of the past.  Remember that?

And who could forget the talking bear, Teddy Ruxpin?

Local stores like Terra Toys have their own "hot toys of the year" -- stuff you may not be able to find elsewhere.

Like something called a "C-1 Spider" glove is popular at Terra.

"We do specialize in those brands that wouldn't even be able to meet the demands of those bigger chains.  They're making 20 or 100 at a time and we're only ordering between 24 and 48 of that toy," Edwards said.

"I know that phrase 'I'm a Toys 'R' Us kid" so we're sad to see that era end but I do think that as a toy store here in Austin we can hope to welcome all of those families to our toy store family,” Edwards said.