Buda hosts 22nd annual Wiener Dog Races

On Saturday more than a thousand people with their four-legged pets participated in Buda's 22nd annual Wiener Dog Races.

This year Xavier Rodriguez brought his wiener dog Smokey to the event. Rodriguez says he’s been training Smokey for the race since he was born. 

“So I'm pretty sure he's going to win he's really fast,” Rodriguez said.

Smokey isn't the only dog to bring his A-game. He joined hundreds of other pups who raced for treats and glory.

Over the last two decades, the town has hosted the Buda Wiener Dog Races, and has become known for having a favorite dog breed that resembles a hot dog.

"It’s crazy how many there are around here. You go to the stores you for sure see a lot of wiennies,” participant Gilbert Guerrero said.

 As far as high class and high stakes racing goes, Buda takes the bone. 

"I always tell them watch the guy at the other end, the owner, they got squeaky toys whatever the guy with the tennis ball I say always wins,” announcer Mike Huckaby said.

The yearly running of the dogs benefits various local charities as well as the Buda Lions Club. Huckaby has been announcing the races for 22 years and says the community is also seen as winners. 

"We give back from this event, probably give $30,000 back to the community, the clubs, the school district,” Huckaby said.

The event brings smiles to the faces of spectators that come from all over Texas to watch.

"She crossed the finish line which counts a lot so she got a participation ribbon, that's enough for us,” Guerrero said.

Rodriguez says it's not only about the win itself, the race "brings people together."