Chilling video shows final moments of doomed Atlas Air flight over Texas

A cargo plane crashed on Saturday near Houston, killing all three people on board.

A security camera caught the final moments before an Atlas Air jet carrying Amazon packages plunged into a bay in Southeast Texas last month, killing all three men on board.

The cargo plane appeared unable to pull up from its nosedive into Trinity Bay, the video shows. The plane continues to plunge until it appears to slam into the shallow waters. The crash is partially obscured by trees in the foreground, but a plume can be seen rising from the impact site. "For a lack of a better term, you can see it exploded — not by fire," Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne told the Houston Chronicle.


The footage was recorded on Feb. 23 by a security camera outside the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office, Hawthorne told the paper. The release of the video had been temporarily blocked by the National Transportation Safety Board pending the discretion of an attorney, he said.

Atlas Air Flight 3591, a Boeing 767 cargo plane, was headed to Houston from Miami and was operating on behalf of Amazon Prime Air when it crashed in Trinity Bay about 35 miles east of Houston.

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