Christmas lights display is open in Austin for a good cause

For about 11 years the Maywald Christmas Lights has attracted thousands of folks to come out and really get in the giving spirit. Each year a family spends months putting up lights, in hopes of gaining donations to help with the make a wish foundation. 

"Here we are today and it's just massive,” Jordan Maywald says.

All the lights on about 5 acres of land are for any and everyone to see. Three reindeer by the lake and lighthouse display represent how many wishes the family has been able to grant through the Make A Wish Foundation. 

Sending children in Texas to Disney World and New York City to shadow leaders that work in their dream career fields. This year there’s 120,000 lights. Last year there were about 80,000 it’s growing each and every year. 

"We live on 5 acres the display on 2.5 acres there's always room to grow,” Maywald says.

Jordan Maywald starts making sketches in January to organize where to place lights and decor. He begins placing them in August. Much of the décor are vintage and rare pieces. His goal this year is to grant at least two wishes, at $5000 each. They’re open every single day from 6 to 10 pm. 

He adds, "Each time someone comes out here and smiles it's all worth it."

When you go to 10505 Twilight Vista Austin, TX 78736  there’s two donation boxes.

You can also donate here: