Cleanup continues after pipeline ruptures in Bastrop Co.

Cleanup crews have been hard at work all day on an oil spill in Bastrop County. 

A pipeline ruptured early this morning on FM 20.

Magellan Midstream Partners says a little after 9 Thursday morning a contractor was working on Magellan's Longhorn pipeline doing some repairs when the contractor hit a fitting -- about 1200 barrels of crude oil spilled out. The pipeline was shut down and the broken part was isolated. 

Families within a mile of the spill were evacuated but were allowed back home later in the afternoon. 

We spoke with Ralph and Allen Hubert, two brothers that run a small-engine repair shop down the road. 

They weren't evacuated today but they say they do have about an acre of land right next to that pipeline.

They're a little concerned about it. "We don't know what damage it's done yet.  I mean this is just the same day.  That oil can seep, seep, seep," Ralph said.

"Actions have been taken to contain the oil and none of the crude oil was allowed to enter any body of water of any sort," said Tom Byers with Magellan.

Magellan and Bastrop Co. Emergency officials say there were no injuries throughout all of this. 

They'll continue monitoring the air quality and they'll be cleaning up through the night or as long as it takes. 

FM 20 probably won't open back up until tomorrow morning. 

They say repairs on the pipeline will probably start later this week.