Crews head out on boats to check flooded Graveyard Point homes for people

People in Graveyard Point spent Thursday clearing out their homes as flood waters made their way into the area. Emergency crews went home-to-home, by boat to make sure everyone made it out okay.

“Everything down there is gone, it's lost,” said David Kopeck who traveled from Houston to help friends and family who live in the area.

The water almost completely over the first floor on homes.

Emergency crews headed out on boats into the flooded neighborhood of graveyard point, many people still in their homes despite their first floors being flooded.

On higher ground, our crews came across Larry DuPuy, who was standing on the submerged road which leads to his home. “We knew it was coming just didn't know how fast,” said DuPuy.

His home was completely underwater. “Not much we can do,” said DuPuy.

While he's dealing with his own problems, he worries about his neighbors. “I feel sorry for them I honestly do. Some of them buy stuff down here not aware of what can happen,” said DuPuy.

David Kopeck was one of the people using a canoe to help others. “Helping people move, helping people that are on higher ground taxi them all day in a canoe,” said Kopeck. As the waters continue to flood the area many fear it could be days before they see their home again.

Emergency crews are going to be out there Thursday all night and into Friday to see if people still need help, those who live in this area say they are staying close by, waiting for the water to go down.