Dallas family suing Atmos for explosion injuries

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Another Dallas family is suing Atmos Energy claiming a gas leak caused a serious injury last year, just days before a 12-year-old girl died in a gas explosion.

The family of David Lemus is seeking more than $1 million from Atmos.

Their lawsuit claims Lemus was investigating a noise coming from the HVAC unit when part of it exploded. He suffered second-degree burns to his face and upper torso.

Everyone in Lemus’ family survived the explosion but their home was completely destroyed.

Michellita Rogers, who lived just one street over, wasn’t so lucky. She was killed when her family’s home exploded two days later.

It was actually the third gas-related incident in the neighborhood in just a few days. Afterward, more than 300 homeowners in the area were evacuated and the gas was shut off for thousands more as Atmos replaced aging gas lines.

The lawsuit alleges Atmos failed to do enough to prevent the leaks that caused the explosions.