Doctors witness miracle as patient with Parkinson's walks again

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Doctors and nurses say they witnessed a miracle in Pinal County when one of their patients with Parkinson's who had not walked for years, stood up and unexpectedly began moving his legs.

Charles Shields, a patient at Oasis Pavilion Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Casa Grande, left his doctors and the staff stunned when he began walking on his own. Shields said he was shocked, to say the least.

"It's a miracle for me because I was sitting there like a vegetable," Shields said. 

Just last week, Dr. Anne Borik, medical director at Oasis Pavilion, said Shields began walking after several years of being bedridden in the middle of his Sign Chi Do class. Dr. Borik says patients attend this class because it helps calm them down.

"It quiets that chatter [and] anxiety levels calm down," said Dr. Borik. "Honestly, it's great for all of us to do." 

Years ago, there was research done on Sign Chi Do and its effectiveness on Parkinson's, according to Dr. Borik.

"It was found favorable, there were some good results, but nothing compared to what we saw here," Dr. Borik said. "I honestly think, setting Sign Chi Do aside, this is a power of prayer."

The nurses at Oasis Pavilion are also convinced there's a higher power involved.

"A lot of people want to think things are scientific, but this is absolutely a miracle," Vicki Hatten, MDS coordinator said.

Shields is continuing to strut about as well as regaining his speech, while continuing to do things the loves, such as playing music and painting. He continues to make steady improvements day after day.