"Enjoy responsibly": Gov. Abbott signs alcohol delivery bill

"Have you ever ordered food or groceries from a retailer to be delivered to your home? And also wish that you could order beer or wine to be delivered? Well I'm about to sign a law that allows you to do just that," Gov. Greg Abbott said in a video to his more than 256,000 followers on Twitter Monday evening.

With the flick of the wrist and dried ink, the future of the food and beverage industry in the State of Texas will forever be changed with Senate Bill 1232.

Mandala Kitchen and Bar has chic atmosphere that provides Vietnamese food, Thai curries, along with steak and seafood dishes. They also serve craft cocktails, beer and wine.

"Wow that's surprising I never would have thought they'd want us driving beer or wine around but as long as there are controls on who is driving it and who can accept it I think it's a great idea," bartender and server Taylor Benac said in response to the video.

SB 1232 allows restaurants, bars or businesses, like Mandala, with a mixed beverage permit to deliver alcohol with food to homes and other locations.

"If we're able to have booze with our delivery orders I think that would be great for us," Benac said. "About 30 percent of our sales is in alcohol so if we're able to bump that up that's great for us."

There are guidelines however. The alcohol must be sealed in an original serving container like a bottle or can. Only people 21 years old and older can deliver food with alcohol, and customers who order alcohol with food must be 21, show valid ID and sign receipts upon accepting deliveries.

"I think as long as we or the person at the door is really doing their job by checking those ID's at the door and making sure to get a signature I don't feel too uncomfortable with this at all,” Benac said.

Right now Mandala uses Chow Now for delivery and pickup services. They say they think this will be great - but the owner says most likely TABC insurance would also be impacted because there would be more liabilities.