Exclusive: Family of woman killed in crash with 14-year-old driver speaks out

The family of Silvia Zavala, the woman who was killed in a car crash by a 14-year-old driver, speaks exclusively with FOX 26, telling us how they were all together as a family for New Year’s and must now rely on each other after this tragedy.

“It happened, changed in a minute you know. Changed our lives in a minute,” says Alex Solis, Zavala's brother-in-law.

Silvia Zavala, 45, was in town to celebrate New Year’s Eve with her family. On New Year’s Day she went shopping, but never returned back to her family’s house.

“We didn’t expect this to happen," Solis says. "We are supposed to have a good time. We were waiting on New Year’s having a good time. Everything changed, you know.“ All because of a senseless prank.

Three teenagers were throwing eggs at cars, but one of the drivers they hit with an egg, did not think it was funny, and drove after the teens. One of them, a 14-year-old, was behind the wheel, and drove through a red light, crashing right into Silvia’s car. Despite good Samaritan efforts, she died at the scene.

“We’re pretty sick right now, so we can’t tell. My wife especially, she feels real bad," Solis says. "All the family you know.”

“She was an amazing person and amazing aunt. She was full of life. She was a cool and you know liked to visit, liked to party,” said her nephew Brian Lara.

Zavala’s family became concerned when she did not answer any calls, and saw on Facebook that a car similar to hers was involved in an accident. It was not until her daughter and nephew showed up to the scene that they got the heart wrenching news. The family is trying to make sense of it all and wants justice for Silvia.

"I think he should be punished to the full list extent of the law. I mean he knows what he was doing," Lara says.

The 14-year-old is currently in juvenile jail, booked on murder charges. The driver of the car chasing the teens is cooperating with police.