Flood repairs put on hold for certain homes in Travis County

Travis County has put home repairs on hold for many homeowners in Graveyard Point. 

Travis County estimates around 400 structures were impacted by the flood throughout the county.

While two weeks have passed many of these home are still unable to begin repairs for many reasons. “I'm tearing my store-room down there was 3 of them,1 floated off,” said Dewey Cooper whose home is still flood. Not too long ago, most of his neighborhood was completely under water.

Crews traveled by boats to check submerged homes. While time has passed and water receded, an exception can be found coopers’ still flooded home.

“I’m hauling trash out, moving debris,” said Cooper.

Having lived there most his life, Cooper is no stranger to floods. “In ‘91 it came over the top of my house about 10 feet, that was my Christmas present then my birthday presents in February it came up over my house again about 8 feet,” said Cooper. This time the damage is beginning to add up. “

Maybe between $1000 to $4000 to get me back in my house,” said Cooper.

While Cooper has to wait from the water to leave his home before he begins to rebuild, other homes nearby also have to wait for a different reason. Travis County went out and put notices on most homes across the area stating damage repair is prohibited without proper authorization.

Cooper said the county did not give his home a notice as his place is still flooded and hard to get to. The notice requires homeowners who received it to get a permit through the county before rebuilding.

In the meantime, Cooper says all anyone is able to do right now is clean up and remove debris. You don't need a permit to clean up or remove damaged material, just if you plan to rebuild or make repairs. Next Tuesday the county plans to discusses whether or not the elevation of certain homes needs to be address before they rebuild.