FOX-7 Discussion: President Trump Says He "Doesn't Believe" Report on Climate Change

The National Climate Assessment released by the U.S. government sets a dire tone for the future of this country.

The report says temperatures are up, seas are rising and, natural disasters are more severe. But President Trump says he isn't sold.

"I don't believe it. You're going have to have China and Japan, and all of Asia, and all of these other countries, you know it, it addresses our country. Right now we are at the cleanest we've ever been,” said President Trump. 

Officials are warning about the environmental and economic threat claiming climate change could cut GDP by 10% by 2100 if there are no changes.

FOX-7 Austin’s Rebecca Thomas talked to Travis County GOP chairman Matt Mackowiak and, Luke Metzger from Environment Texas about the president's response to climate change.