Gaming Expo kicks off at SXSW

SXSW is in the home stretch but the big "Gaming Expo" side of the festival is kicking off Friday.

Some of the technology there is unbelievable -- including a device that will read a person's brainwaves.

There's costumes, gaming tournaments, technology showcases, and even a nod to arcade-style games.

In addition to virtual reality and augmented reality showcases at the Expo, BrainCo takes it one step further.

Their headband will read your brainwaves, and Kyle Li with BrainCo says it will determine your focus level.

BrainCo says the way people are starting to use smart phones to run their homes, someday they'll just be able to think "lights on."

"This way you can actually just think about it and you can do it. You don't have to say, you don't have to use your eyeball, you don't have to touch anything," said Li. 

The Gaming Expo runs through Sunday at the Austin Convention Center. It's for SXSW badge-holders only.