George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum opens doors for farewell

In the courtyard at the George H.W. Bush Presidential library and museum, flowers and small colorful socks were placed at the base of the statue to the 41st president.  

Not far away, along the edge of the reflecting pond, flowers were being planted near the entrance to the presidential grave site.

“We are here to celebrate, I think the word is celebrate,  his life,” said Museum Director Warren Finch.

Former president George Herbert Walker Bush and First Lady Barbra Bush made frequent trips to the library and museum in College Station. That’s why for many of those who work here the job at hand is deeply personal.

“We are going  to do our best to make it perfect we’re going to do our  best,” said Finch.

Admission was free Monday. Those who came to pay their respects signed and wrote notes into several large books at the main entrance. Many toured the displays that chronicle Bush’s life from childhood to his military service and to his years in public service.

One of the popular spots is the monument dedicated to the fall of the Berlin wall back in 1991.  Bush was in the White House at that time, but a lot of the people FOX 7 spoke with say it’s not his political accomplishments that impressed them the most.

“He was just the most amiable person and he brought so much blessing to people and his points of light and gave hope to people,” said Janice Nelson a visitor from College Station.

John Donley, who was visiting from Ohio said he admires the human side of the former president. 

“The legacy of his greatness is that he was such a humble man and he accomplished so much but you never heard about,” said Donley.

Others took note of his words etched into the wall of the museum regarding duty.

“He lived it, he didn’t just talk, he walked the talk, he did exactly what he said, and I respected him very much,” said College Station resident Malta Wilkerson. 

The museum and library will be closed through Thursday and will reopen on Friday. The grave site will not be open to the public until Saturday.

The family is asking the public to donate to the Bush School of Government and Public Service, in lieu of flowers. 

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