Girl taken to hospital following reports of possible gas leak at Paredes Middle School

Reports of a gas odor forced the evacuation of Paredes Middle School Tuesday afternoon. 

Austin Travis County EMS reported 15 people were evaluated and, one girl was taken to a hospital. In a letter given out to parents Tuesday evening the school reported that they did not find any evidence of a gas leak.  

There was no comment on the girl who was taken to the hospital. 

“This time it wasn't a drill so I got really scared,” said Jacqueline Chavez, a student at Paredes Middle School. She said it began as a normal school day, but by the afternoon it was a different story. 

“It all started when I was on the third floor and some kids started saying that something smelled really bad,” said Chavez. 

She along with everyone else in the school was evacuated. 

"I got really scared and other kids started calling their moms and their dads to come pick them up.

Finally, they (the teachers) said they were checking building room to see if something was happening," said Chavez.

Many parents said the only reason they knew something was going on was because their kids called them. 

“The school didn't notify us, we've heard nothing from the school, no text, no emails, no calls. Which they normally let us know everything that's going on but I’ve heard nothing about what's going on,” said Kaci Goodman whose son attends the school. 

The school did finally alert parents in the afternoon with a letter. It said there was a report of a possible gas leak in the morning and in the afternoon but found no evidence in both cases. It also said at no time were the students or staff in any danger.

 “I think they make sure the students are safe but we're curious you know usually they over notify us,” said Goodman.

Many students like Chavez said they had to leave in such a hurry most of their stuff is still in the school.

They hope to pick up their belongings when school begins Wednesday.

While the school said there was no evidence of a gas leak, it's still not known why a girl was taken to the hospital.