Heavy rainfalls leaves homes filled with mud, debris

With water levels down in Marble Falls, many people are now able to assess the damages.

“Probably had an inch and a half of mud,” said Wayne Atkinson. Atkinson lives just off the water in Marble Falls an area which was completely flooded on Tuesday. “We’ll have to start over on a lot of these things,” said Atkinson. About 3 feet of water entered his home. 

Yards littered with debris in Atkinson’s neighborhood.

There’s a jet ski on Atkinson’s property which isn’t his.

The damage inside homes, just as extensive. “We’re going to try and salvage a few things here to clean them up and store them and hopefully keep some of that stuff,” said Atkinson.

 People from across the area helped to move destroyed belongings out of homes. “We’ve got couches and stuff that are full of water and mud so we’re going to have to let it go,” said Atkinson.

The damage so vast Atkinson is staying with nearby relatives while he tries to get back on his feet. “Fortunately able to stay with them until we can start making other arrangements,” said Atkinson.

The city, county and local churches 
Also busy distributing supplies to help those like Atkinson. “Just come in. We’ve got sheets for them to fill out if we’ve got it we’re going to give it to them,” said Mark Webb the donation coordinator.

Despite how things look, Atkinson is staying positive. “Long process but we all ways recover. I think we’ll be alright,” said Atkinson. To learn more about how you can help those affected, click here.