Help needed for those affected by this week's flooding

Those helping with flooding recovery efforts said they are in dire need of help from the community. The Austin Disaster Relief Network is launching teams to access the damage and help affected residents.

With more than 150 homes in multiple counties damage, ADRN said they need volunteers, financial donations, household items, as well as clean up supplies.

Linda Harris is just one of many in Central Texas whose home has fallen victim to Mother Nature multiple times in the last several months.               

During the October 2015 floods, the only thing you could see of her Cedar Creek home was the roof. “The first flood took my car, I've been without a car since October, I’ve been walking,” she said.

At the end of April, more than 70 mile per hour winds ripped through damaging homes and uprooting trees. Now, flood waters have consumed her neighborhood once again. “It ain’t no fun, I’ve had quite a bit of misery in the past two years and this just puts icing on the cake,” she said.

With hundreds of homes damaged in the Cedar Creek, Thoroughbred Farms, and Onion Creek area now multiple times, many need help. “Need stuff to clean with, like trash bags. I'm on social security, so I can't afford to go buy all the at extra stuff, my check goes to my bills,” Harris said.

The Austin Disaster Relief Network is launching teams to the affected areas. They help with emergency housing, shelter, food, and clothing, whatever people may need. Stephen Brewer is the Associate Director for ADRN, “If it was us, we would want others to do the same for us, they don't have a choice and we do.” With a long holiday weekend, Brewer hopes people may use their extra day off to help others. “We need anyone and everyone to come and join us to come and help respond to the needs with over 100 homes. They are grateful for anyone in the community that would be willing to come along side of them and help them back on their feet, in ways that they might be able to do it themselves,” he said.

Harris said she hasn't even gotten back on her feet from the last floods, but she is doing her best to get by. “I can't afford to move. Got to live with what you got,” she said.

ADRN said they are going door to door Sunday afternoon to survey the damage and find out who needs help. Monday, they will be doing clean-up and are looking for volunteers.

If you've been affected by the floods and need help, or if you would like to volunteer you can click here for more information click here or call 512-806-0800.