How needs are being met as the Georgetown gas leak evacuation continues

Water is flowing once again at the Laser Car Wash in Georgetown.

With vehicles rolling in, it's back to work for Doug Newsome - who has been away for more than a month. “It seemed like it was about 6 weeks,” said Newsome, who added its good to be back.

A block away, at Crestview Baptist Church, Sunday services will be held for the first time in weeks. The parent's day out program at the church will also resume on Wednesday.

That is something Dayna Charriere and her four-year-old son have been looking forward to. “It’s been hard, he has been out of school now since it started, so hopefully he will be back soon,” said Charriere.

At the Pitt BBQ, the open sign is also on. Customers started coming back Wednesday. It took all of Tuesday to get the grill and pits fired up, according to manager Terry Tucker. “It was a good to get back in here and start cooking again.”

Seeing all his employees back on the line was also a good sight. “Atmos paid our salaries, so we kept our crew, and we didn’t have a problem with that, just not knowing, how soon we was going to get back in, that didn’t say you were going to be down 4 weeks, every day it was just are we going into work that day, so it was kind of hard not being able to plan anything,” said Tucker.

A status check on that compensation package will be provide at the Sheraton Conference Center Thursday night. “Just this morning atmos energy added the business claim form to their frequently asked questions on their website, so as we help to get information out there for the businesses, now that claim form is added to their website and so businesses can access that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” said Georgetown Chamber of Commerce President Jim Johnson.

Officials with Atmos Energy are also expected to have an update on the long running gas leak remediation project. As of Thursday morning, a little more than 100 homes and businesses remain evacuated. But there are indications the crisis my finally be winding down and the barricades coming down.

Tucker urged those who remain evacuated to not give up. “Just hang in there, hopefully it seems its working its way toward them where they will be able to open up and get back in business.”