Longhorn fans feeling renewed hope after Sugar Bowl victory

It's been a long journey for not only the Longhorns, but also the fans who stuck by their side through the tough seasons. “I didn't expect them to make it this far,” said Dustin Kanae, Longhorn fan.

Even though Kanae had his doubts, deep down, he always hoped for the best. “One thing we really suffered from this season was that close games, in the fourth quarter we were really not driving through for the full entire game,” said Kanae.

This time around, the Longhorns got it done, with a 28-21 victory over the Georgia Bulldogs.

But this season a Sugar Bowl win means more than just earning bragging rights.

For the UT fan base, it's a sign of a possible rebirth. “Well I was brought up in the Vince Young era, so I thought Texas football was pretty prestigious back in the day. So it was nice to see them finally come back to what they are now,” said Kanae.

“To be able to pull that off and win a big game like that, is going in the right direction for our team and our university,” said Blaine Brooks, UT alumnus.

On a cold and rainy Wednesday afternoon, dozens of fans were shopping for merchandise at the University Co-op on Guadalupe St. “We had to like celebrate by coming over here to buy all UT stuff,” said Vivian Nguyen, UT alumna. Looking into the crystal ball, fans see a new football team, one that has ambition to reach the top of the ranks.