Manor Man stung over 160 times by bees while mowing

A large bee hive was removed from a shed in Manor on Tuesday.

Last week, a man was mowing near the shed and was attacked by the bees. He had to be hospitalized. Police estimate there was a quarter of a million bees found with the hive.

The man attacked says the incident changed his life forever.

“I could see my wife saying something to me when I passed out, I was in a glaze, I thought I was in heaven already, I’m not going to lie,” said Simon Poras who was stung over 160 times by the bees.

Poras was mowing his son-in-law's yard when he was attacked.

“They totally jumped all over my back and took me to the ground, I was just trying to get them all off, I dragged myself to the front to get the water hose them off,” said Poras.

The hive was in a shed in a nearby alley. Manor police estimate it was there for about two years with around 250,000 bees. For Poras it was a struggle to get away.

“I looked back and they were like a cloud usually you see one or two bees and you can shoo them away but there was a whole mess of bees a cloud, a dark cloud,” said Poras. 

The attack caused him to pass out.

“I could just feel my throat closing up,” said Poras.

Poras was rushed to the hospital where each stinger had to be removed.

“I remember they were up to 120, they were taking stingers out. That's a lot of bees,” said Poras.

He was stung more than 160 times. The incident didn't just leave him scarred physically. 

“You can see webs all along my arm I got dark red webs they still itch,” said Poras.

It also scarred him mentally.

“I'm scared, I’m not going to go back there no more,” said Poras.

While the hive was removed there are still dozens of bees flying around and he's worried a kid might be the one stung next. Especially his granddaughters who live near the alley.

“They're (the bees) already beginning to build again,” said Poras.

As the bees continue to roam the alley, Poras said he will continue to tell others to stay away.

“God blessed me for another day,” said Poras

Bee attacks are very rare in Manor happening only a couple times within the past six years.

After this incident, police are urging people to be extra cautious around sheds or other items outdoors, which haven't been cleaned in a long time.