Manor PD reconstruct fatal Mother's Day crash

Authorities reconstructed the fatal Mother's Day rollover which happened on Hwy 290 between Manor and Elgin.

They're trying to figure out what caused the crash that killed two people and injured three others.

"It will help them determine how fast they were going and what might have caused it, if there were any defects of the vehicle," says Detective Craig Struble, Manor Police Department.

On Sunday a Ford black F150 reportedly hydroplaned, sending the truck into the median and causing it to roll multiple times. Five people were inside.

The driver, 24-year-old Alfonso Lopez, and his father Jose were killed. We spoke with a witness that day who was on scene trying to help.

"Everyone was  trying to get doors open, no doors were opening. They were just, you could see people, just felt helpless," says Anne Pierce, witness.

Police were reconstructing the crash for about an hour on Tuesday afternoon. There were multiple units and the Travis County Sheriff's Office was assisting them.

"They use laser technology to map the points of impact, the points of skid marks, the points of rollover and where it hit the ground. They'll put that in a database and get their information from there," says Struble.

We looked into our FOX 7 records and there have been at least three other fatal crashes this year along that stretch of Hwy 290. One in February, March and April. It's a total of eight deaths.

"I'd still say that a fatality out there is rare but as far as having more serious collisions, and even having a single car collision, where it seems that they lost control of the vehicle or they hydroplaned and lost control of the vehicle, seem to happen in that area," says Struble.

They say the rain could be one reason. They hope drivers will slow down to prevent another tragedy from happening.

A report by the Houston Chronicle ranks Hwy 290 as the 9th deadliest highway in Texas. Between 2010 to 2014 there were a total of 33 fatalities.