Mother's tweet leads to daughter battling depression meeting Camila Cabello

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A dream came true for a teen battling depression.

A 12-year-old girl got the chance to meet Camila Cabello Wednesday morning, hours after performing at the Houston Rodeo.

It was all made possible when the girl's mother tweeted the singer a video of her daughter dancing and beaming from ear to ear.

An innocent tweet was posted by Lan Nguyen to thank Cabello for making her 12-year-old daughter Sydney Cao smile again.

“My heart just burst with joy. You can see the video. She was happy. She was finally herself again,” Nguyen said.

 It's been a rough few years for the family as they cope with the loss of multiple deaths, including their uncle last week.

To Lan's surprise, a phone call from a school counselor on Monday revealed that Sydney may have been taking it the hardest.

“Sydney has been acting out of the norm, so I went up there and talked to the counselor and she has been telling her friends that she wanted to hurt herself,” Lan said.

Lan says she wanted so badly to help make it better... just like any mother would.

She bought tickets to the rodeo just hours before the concert, so Sydney could watch her favorite artist perform.

“I was screaming and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy or something,” Sydney said.

The concert certainly helped cheer the 6th grader up.

“She just really inspires me, like when I get really sad, I always listen to her music and it always gets me really happy,” Sydney said.

And mom says she just wanted to share her excitement and gratitude on Twitter. She never thought Cabello would actually tweet back, or invite all the girls for a meet and greet at her hotel.

“I was so shocked, I couldn’t get words out of my mouth. All I said was, ‘Mama! Mama, she's here,” Sydney said.