North Texas Tollway Authority calls out the Los Angeles Rams ahead of Super Bowl Sunday

No one is safe from the North Texas Tollway Authority's banter.

A day after the NTTA mocked the New England Patriots for their deflated footballs, they took aim at the Patriots' Super Bowl opponents, the Los Angeles Rams.

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The agency’s digital boards promoted its roadside assistance service by poking fun at the controversial pass interference no-call that helped pave the way for the Rams to make it to Super Bowl LIII: “If a Ram interferes with your car, dial #999.”

Many think the Rams should have missed out on the Super Bowl because of a pass interference penalty that went uncalled when they played the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game.

Two Saints season ticket holders even went as far as to ask a judge to order the NFL commissioner to reverse the results of the NFC Championship Game, or schedule a do-over.

The Patriots and Rams play on Sunday evening at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.