Parks and Rec Board recommends new management for Butler Park Pitch & Putt

Changes might be coming to the Butler Park Pitch and Putt. The Austin Parks and Recreation Board voted to recommend to City Council that Pecan Grove Partners take over management of the course.

The decision came after much deliberation, especially because the current management was left out of the process following an error with paper work.

One thing they made clear at the meeting was no matter who took over management they wanted to keep affordable golf at the park.

While the decision has yet to go to City Council, many board members are pushing for something to change in the selection processes so what happened this time around doesn't happen again.

“I think that if I do get a chance to start over again that I’ll win I’m confident of it,” said Lee Kinser Manager of the current Butler Park Pitch & Putt.

Board members talked about potentially restarting the processes and include Kinser. Others talked about changing the processes for the future to avoid this situation.

In the end the board voted to recommend Pecan Grove Partners as the new managers. Some of that group's representatives were at the meeting.

“We are not a big company. We are Austin people. We've been characterized as different things but we're here to create a very positive experience for Austinites and to get people to play the game,” said Jason Black with Pecan Grove Partners.

“The trees, the hole in one wall, having larger families able to come out together to play golf, having it dog friendly all these things are going to remain,” said Anna Morales with Pecan Grove Partners.

The decision at this meeting doesn't mean there is a new owner for this course just yet. It still has to go to City Council for approval.

Kinser is hopeful City Council will restart the process so her proposal to manage the park will be taken into consideration.

“How many times has somebody made a mistake and City Council let them correct it and continue on with the process,” said Kinser.

Kinser is also hopeful the process changes in the future because she says anyone could have made the same error she did.

The recommendation from the meeting will be taken to the next city council meeting.

When FOX 7 Austin last talked to council member Ann Kitchen, who represents that area area, she told us she is all for restarting the process.



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