Pastor of burglarized church wants thieves to attend service as part of their punishment

A church in Taylor is hoping thieves who broke-in, last month will do the right thing.

The Restoration Temple of Deliverance Church had thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment stolen. After serving in Austin for years, Pastor John Horne decided to move his church to Taylor last year.

Despite what happened he said they plan to stay where they are.

“When you take from a church and I mean gods house, that just makes no sense at all,” said Horne.

Pastor Horne stopped by his church to pick up a few things, once inside he noticed something was off.

Horne estimates about $15,000 worth of equipment was taken.

“A mixing board, speakers, amps, safe had been broken into, guitar, keyboard, equipment, headphones, everything was just gone,” said Horne. They even hit the kitchen.

“Everything in the refrigerator, we had Frito’s and stuff like that and they just took it,” said Horne.

When Horne went to check the back of the church he found the fence in the ally way was completely knocked down. He feels like this is how they made their way into the church. The alley way leads to several large windows in the back of the church.

“Came in through the window, now we boarded the windows up,” said Horne

Despite what happened, spirits are high. Many church members brought their own equipment to use during this time.

“We weren't going to let this discourage us or stop us we know god wanted us to be in Taylor and so we made it work,” said Horne.

While Horne is hopeful proper justice will be served, he also has his own kind of punishment in mind for whoever did this. “If I was the judge I would sentence them to come here and worship for at least 2 years, 2 years in this church the one they stole from,” said Horne.

For now, Horne said they will continue to have service and pray that whoever did this will do the right thing.

Taylor police are currently investigating.

Horne said they are investing in better security for the church in the meantime.