Police Chief Brian Manley testifies in trial of officers accused of excessive force

Friday, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley testified before the jury.

It's day four in the trial against two Austin police officers accused of using excessive force and tampering with evidence. Before Chief Manley testified before the jury, the judge acknowledged that it's very uncommon for a police chief to testify in any case.

The court room was packed as people listened to what he had to say.

While Chief Manley was not present at the incident he did review both the body cam footage and the written reports of that night. The state called on Manley to ask him several questions.

One being about how was the case was brought to his attention.

On February 16 near 12th and Red River, officers reported a shooting had taken place, many people were at the scene. While other officers provided medical attention to the shooting victim, officers Pfaff and Patritis engaged Quinten Perkins and tased him.

What was written in their reports and actions that night was called to question.

Prosecutors say the officers quote "lied" in their reports to justify the tasing.

Defense attorneys had a different take saying the scene was chaotic.

Chief Manley says a concerned sergeant reviewing the case brought it to the departments attention and they began an investigation just days after the incident. The state asked Manley why it's important officers need to be accurate in their report, to which he responded that other officers rely on that information like investigators who follow up on cases.

The state then asked several questions on what impact making false reports and using excessive force could do, the main point he outlined was it could shake trust with the community.

Before concluding for the day the state brought in another witness to the stand, an officer who was at the scene after Perkins was tased. They reviewed his body camera footage which showed the officer frisk Perkins finding money, keys and lighters.

The defense wanted to strike Chief Manley’s statement for the record as they felt it didn't add anything to the case, this motion was denied by the judge. Chief Manley declined to comment on the trial.

Things will pick right back up Monday and the state has one more witness they want to call on.