President Trump says Democrats are 'going nuts' with 'unlimited presidential harassment'

Photo by Chris Kleponis - Pool/Getty Images

In a new series of tweets, President Trump said that the Democrats are going "nuts" investigating him. 

On Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committe voted to release all witness transcripts from their Russia investigation to the Department of Justice and Special Counsel Mueller.



The next day, President Trump reacted, calling the continued investigation into him "unlimited Presidential harrassment."

President Trump tweeted that the Democrats are going to look through every aspect of his life -- financial and personal -- even though he claims that there "is no reason to do so."



President Trump continued to tweet, stating that the "Republicans never did this to President Obama." He proceeded to call these investigations a "witch hunt."



President Trump ended his series of tweets by reiterating that this was "presidential harrassment" and that this "should never be allowed to happen again." 



This story was written in Orlando, Florida.