Rare Mandarin duck appears in Delaware County

A rare Mandarin duck has turned into quite the little celebrity in Delaware County. The duck has people flocking to East Lake Park in Ridley Park just hoping to catch a glimpse.

The magnificent duck appeared out of nowhere back in Jan.  Avid birdwatcher Brian Quindlen was able to photograph the colorful creature, which is native to East Asia. 

David Leather lives just down the street from the park and was actually one of the first to spot it.

"It was just amazing to me. I've never seen anything like it," he said.

Leather was snapping some pictures of the wildlife on the water when the tiny and extraordinarily handsome duck caught his eye.

"Beautiful colors, outrageous colors that's what attracted me," Leather explained.

He was in awe of the duck that is famous for its beauty. He says he probably took over 100 pictures. 

The Mandarin duck recently rose to internet celebrity status after being seen in New York's Central Park last fall.