Real estate listing for hand painted Buda home goes viral

A real estate listing for a Buda home is going viral because of the home's unusual decor. 

Melissa, or Missy, Stephenson, celebrated Mother's Day as she always has: as “queen of the castle” and the sole girl in the house.

“All boys! Dogs, cats, two sons, and a husband.” she laughed.

Despite being outnumbered, Stephenson has managed to paint the house pink -- literally.

"My husband says it takes a real man to live in a pink home!" she laughed.

The Stephenson home is filled with hand painted “joy” as Stephenson likes to call it. Poodles, polka dots, and hearts line the walls.

Stephenson’s mother is an interior designer with a similar home in El Paso, TX. The two decorate together, and share ideas.

“I’ll sit back sometimes and be like “huh” I painted that! … Because I feel like it’s just a gift from god. I feel like it’s almost an out of body experience when I paint.” she explained.

Painting, truly is a spiritual experience for Stephenson.

“I don’t want to cry.” she said tearing up. “Before I paint, I actually do pray that the lord would just work through me and just, a lot of times, I don’t even know what I’m painting before I start, I just feel a bit of inspiration and then I just say ‘let the joy that I feel in my heart flow through the canvas, so that he who sees it or inherits it … will just feel that joy and love when they see it or have it in their home.”

For Stephenson the Buda residence will always be home -- but it may no longer be her house. Her husband recently got in an accident, and her two sons are leaving for college.

Now, the family needs to sell the home. “It’s not by choice, honestly. If I had my way and my dream in a perfect world I wouldn’t have to [sell.]”

The thought of someone gutting the home, terrifies her. “I’ve cried many nights over that, that makes me really sad because I mean it’s my heart, it’s my soul.”

But, she tries to be positive -- looking forward to the next blank canvas.

“I keep the faith that’s all I do. I have the faith of god. I know that his will for my life is gonna be ultimately what’s gonna happen.”

The house is currently on the market for $435,000.