Reopened low water crossing helps once cut off Kingsland neighborhood

A secluded neighborhood is now a little bit closer to the rest of Kingsland.

After the FM 2900 bridge washed out, an area on the south side of the bridge was cut off from the rest of town. The low water crossing known as the slab was closed due to high water, now it’s reopened. “Kingsland is kind of out life blood the grocery stores right there all the stores and stuff,” said Jack Garner who lives south of the FM 2900 bridge.

When the recent floods washed out the FM 2900 bridge, not only did it cut Jack Garner's neighborhood off from the rest of Kingsland it also separated him from the loved ones he looks after just across the river. “If there was an emergency we couldn't get there we could try to call somebody we we're 2 minutes away from right here before the bridge collapsed,” said Garner.

Last month we showed you how a once quick trip into town from Garner's neighborhood took about an hour, now it's a different story.

“We kind of missed the town, I know it's not really big but we're going to start going over there more now that the slab road is open that's a good thing for everybody,” said Garner.

Recently TxDOT reopened a low water crossing called the slab, an area once closed due to high water, it's located a couple miles north of the FM 2900 bridge and now lets the people in Garner's area get to Kingsland in about half the time.

One thing to note is there's still water on the low water crossing. 

According to Llano County, they were told by TxDOT the level isn't high enough to cause concern but they are still urging people to be cautious.

While it's still not as quick as the 1-minute trip before the bridge washed away, it's a big change from having to drive completely around. “It's just kind of a big pain right now but we'll get used to it. In 4, 5 months when the bridge done and we'll have a new bridge to cross,” said Garner.

While Garner's area continues to clean up following the recent flooding he says they are staying optimistic, especially since they were separated from the rest of town. “You appreciate what you have as a neighborhood we've come together more I think it's made us closer,” said Garner.

TxDOT expects completion of the bridge in Kingsland around April.