Same Menu- New Security for TX Inauguration Day

Set up for Tuesday’s inauguration day was wrapping up Monday at the capitol complex.

About 3,000 chairs were placed in rows. Banners hung, volunteers given assignments and on stage members of the Texas guard did a walkthrough of the flag presentation.

"Our team has been working on this since the end of the election. We've got a team of about 50 folks who are fully committed tomorrow is completely seamless,” said John Wittman with the Governor’s Office.

The last time Governor Greg Abbott took the oath of office it was from the south steps of the Capitol. To move away from the sloping grounds and provide better line of sight this year the event will be held on the north side which is flatter.

"So the money is raised by donors who are interested in seeing the Committee put on a great inaugural event.  It’s strictly its own fund, so campaign funds are not used, state funds are not use, its solely the inaugural committee that raises the funds for this,” said Wittman.

Security is being done by DPS and will once again be tight. Monday morning- troopers did a walk around with first responders. Bicycle and mounted patrols will be on handed as well as a DPS drone. A test flight hovered near the Sam Houston and Reagan office buildings.

From SkyFOX drone- you can see the kind of view an unmanned aircraft has of the Capitol grounds. With as many as 10,000 people expected Tuesday - the extra eye in the sky will provide a tall mobile platform to watch from.

APD issued an advisory for people who will be downtown Tuesday.  There will be a military flyover and a 19-gun salute during the ceremony; so don’t be alarmed.

If you are expecting several thousand people over for dinner and a show you better be thinking about everything. An example of that is behind me. They've got about 60 Port-a-Johns here on the west side of the Capitol. As for the dinner, it’s going to be a tag team approach.

"This year we've got a 28' cutting board that we'll be sitting up, so you can imagine maybe the world's largest cutting board to cut brisket and sausage on,” said Dallas Caterer Eddie Deen.

This is the 7th inauguration day cook-out for Deen. He and his crew will smoke meat throughout the night. 

"We've got 5,000 lbs. of brisket, 1500 lbs. of pork shoulder, that’s going on here in a little bit, and about a half a mile of Kielbasa sausage from San Antonio, jalapeno sausage beef sausage and chicken breast, about 1500 lbs.,” said Deen.

There will also be a lot on the side dish menu;

300 gallons of potato salad.
150 gallons of cole slaw.
300 gallons of beans.
10,000 rolls.
And 100 gallons of BBQ sauce.

Cooks from HEB say they'll start making deserts around 4:30 Tuesday morning. Mascots form several Texas pro sports teams will also be on site.

After the cookout the celebration will move from the capitol to the palmer events center for the inaugural ball. George Strait is the headliner for the gathering which is expected to have about 5,000 people. 

Tickets to the barbeque are $10.