San Marcos police arrest suspected serial rapist

Keith Louis III is the man San Marcos police believe could be the person who went on a string of sexual assaults over the past two weeks. The latest, happening Thursday.

They got a call from a woman at the Retreat neighborhood. “She and her roommate had both been taken at gunpoint inside their apartment at about 12:30 yesterday afternoon. That gunman proceeded to bind them, assault them physically and sexually over the course of about two and a half to three hours. This crime almost identically matches the modus operandi of a crime committed about a week and a half ago last Wednesday,” said Chief Chase Stapp.

Police say just hours later, they got another call, about a woman yelling rape from The Edge apartments down the street. “The female who was screaming had been in a confrontation with her roommate. She reported to us she had been sexually assaulted by her roommate this past Monday the 29th. She had not seen her roommate since Monday when the offense happened, until when she returned home yesterday afternoon and found him in the apartment. She was obviously alarmed and she screamed,” said Police Chief Stapp.

Police say her roommate was Keith Louis. When police got to the scene, he ran off. “We were frustratingly close to apprehending him yesterday, literally about as close to on his heel as we could be,” said Police Chief Stapp.

With the help of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, and investigators with the FBI, police arrested Louis just before noon Friday. It's relief, and welcoming news for students who live in the city.



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