Seven locations distributing bottled water across Austin area

While Austin remains under a mandatory boil water notice, the city is working to get bottled water to those who need it. Several water distribution sites have been set up across the city and in Williamson County.

Officials say that on Wednesday (10/24) a total of 97,000 gallons were given out to 14,000 cars.

When Austin Water's boil water notice was first issued at the beginning of the week for some people getting their hands on bottled water posed its own challenge. Now with crews passing it out people say that's one less thing people have to worry about at this time.

“You never realize what you have until it's gone,” said Dianna Sepeda.

Sepeda was one of many who stopped by the City of Austin warehouse, one of the distribution site locations, to get bottled water.

“My daughter's at home she's sick so just trying to get whatever we can to get by these next few days,” said Sepeda.

Austin Water customers are being told to either boil water or use bottled water, but for some finding the bottled water has not been easy.

“I've been having a hard time just at the stores, everybody's out,” said Sepeda.

Many waiting in the distribution lines say they're grateful the city is lending a hand.

“I'm just very appreciative, very grateful, I’m glad it's not raining that much but even though it is it did not deter me because water is necessary,” said Ada Blackwell.

Crews are passing out one gallon of water per person in each family. Not everyone needs to come, just one person, they also don't have to bring anything officials say.

“Anybody who comes here doesn't even need to get out of your car it's a really easy process, just drive up and be on your way,” said Christopher Throop with the Austin Fire Department. Throop was one of the many city crews passing out water.

“The idea behind all this is to make sure people have water to use during the day,” said Throop.

While the exact time frame for when Austin Water will lift its boil water notice remains unclear, many like Sepeda said all they can do is stock up while they can.

If you weren't able to get your hands on bottled water Wednesday, don’t worry locations will be set up Thursday (10/25) till 7 p.m.


  • Walnut Creek Park (12138 N Lamar Blvd)
  • City of Austin Warehouse, formerly Home Depot (7211 N IH 35 SVRD NB)
  • Roy G. Guerrero Park (400 Grove Blvd)
  • Onion Creek Soccer Complex (5600 E William Cannon Dr)
  • Dick Nichols Park (8011 Beckett Rd)
  • Kelly Reeves Athletics Complex (10211 W. Parmer Lane) 
  • Circuits of the Americas (9201 Circuit of the Americas Blvd, Parking Lot A)