Several lawmakers give support to Bonnen over confrontation with gun rights advocate

Several state lawmakers on Thursday threw their support behind House Speaker Dennis Bonnen after his recent confrontation with the leader of a gun rights group. 

Bonnen was among the featured speakers at a GOP dinner at a downtown Austin hotel earlier this week where he was placed at a table next to where vocal gun rights advocate Chris McNutt was sitting. 

Bonnen was unavailable Thursday to comment about the confrontation with McNutt, but state Rep. Celia Israel (D-Austin) said that threats and intimidation tactics are unacceptable.

“So to see this kind of intimidation tactic happening is very disappointing, and it is not anything any of us should stand for,” Israel said. “No one should feel threatened physically, because of their opinion on legislation.”

McNutt admits he has gone to the neighborhoods of several state lawmakers who have not voiced support for constitutional carry legislation. He was stopped by a trooper after allegedly going to Speaker Bonnen’s home.

“Being threatened at your home is not anything any of us signed up for,” said Israel.

In a social media post, McNutt said he was only trying to let people know where their lawmakers stood on the gun bill. Because of his efforts the legislation has been declared dead for this session.