Some people unable to boil water during boil water notice

Not everyone impacted by this notice is able to boil water or boil enough water for their families so they are relying on bottled water which was hard to come by at the start of this notice.

“It's been hard, it's been real hard,” said Gloria Villeda an Austin resident. 

For Villeda, she doesn't have the resources to boil enough water for her family. 

“Just 1 pot to boil the water,” said Villeda.

With bottled water hard to come by in her area, she said she was saved when city crews posted up nearby to pass out water. 

“I'm really glad they are here to provide us water who need water,” said Villeda.

Students at UT were also in a similar boat when the boil water notice was first issued. 

“Everywhere around campus was out of water,” said UT Student, John Wang. 

Wang said the lack of water Monday really took a toll on his friends.

“A few of my friends are really pretty desperate for water, I do what I can. I help them out but they're going through quite a struggle,” said Wang.

Help for students finally came on Tuesday. 

“We've secured 380,000 bottles of water that is about 10 semi-tractor trailer loads,” said Jimmy Johnson assistant vice president for campus safety. 

The campus set up multiple locations for student and faculty to get water. 

“This is the first time we've had a prolonged impact with our city water distribution system,” said Johnson.

Local agencies aren't the only ones passing out water. San Antonio sent a truck full of water to several locations across the area to help.

For those who are able to boil their water, there are a few things to keep in mind according to the CDC. 
Boil all water you plan to drink at a rolling boil for at least 1 minute, Austin water said 3 should be safe. This even applies to making coffee, You're going to have to boil water before you put it in your coffee maker also same thing for your water filter. 

According to the CDC most house hold filters do not filter out bacteria and viruses. Want to brush your teeth or wash vegetables? Boil the water. Have a pet? Boil the water, just remember to let the water cool before giving it to them. Doing the laundry is ok and taking a shower is ok at this time just don't drink the water.

Right now the Austin-Travis county emergency operations center is working on set locations where people can pick up bottled water. 

The EOC recommended this water be for those who are unable to boil water, or need bottled water for work.