Surveillance video captures flooding, rescues at Webberville church

Surveillance video caught the moment rushing floodwaters made their way into a church in Webberville and the rescue efforts to help save their members. With more storms expected this week they are worried their church won’t be able to take another beating.

In the video people carried kids on their backs clenching a rope as they make their way through the water. 

“It was terrifying for some people. like I was just worried for the kids. the sisters and brothers of the church,” said Josmart Vivero, who was inside the church during the flood. 

The video from The Voice of the Holy Spirit church in Webberville captured the moment floodwaters overtook the parking area of the church. 

“Since we’ve been here we’ve never seen this,” said Vivero.

Vivero, whose father is the pastor, said they were in the middle of a service with more than 30 people inside. 

“They all saw the window that it was all flooded and as soon as we saw that everyone started running outside to get the cars,” said Vivero.

As the water continued to rise, members tied a rope to the building as a way to help get people out and to safety, some were children. 

“Safety is first for the members of the church and then if we could save the building we can save it,” said Vivero.

One of the reasons why cars had such a tough time leaving the church is the flash flood actually washed away the driveway. They’ve since had to make a makeshift bridge out of wood gravel and logs just to get cars in and out. With the water now receded, Vivero said their community is spending this time clearing debris littering the area. 

“Everyone the next day following the flood they just came they started taking the wood off from under the building they started cleaning up everything,” said Vivero. 

With more rain on the way Vivero is worried their church may not be able to take another hit. No one was seriously injured in the church. Vivero says it was mostly bruises and scratches.

He says in the meantime they will be holding service in another home nearby.